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48 Centuries ago, the Cataclysmic Anarchum destroyed the great Calestian worldwide empire, and took the crown jewel of its dominion, the lands of Alaisie, the entire continent of Yesharia, and plunged it into the see. Then the Rift broke forth, rupturing through the surface of Kharis, seperating the Northern Heart from the Southern Continents of Charal and Phare, and kept them from each other like star crossed lovers…

Humanity was seperated from their homes in the South and East, crunched into colonies in the Northwestern continent of Kharis, and drew their numbers together, forging nations from the lands held by the elves, dwarves, and gnomes, pushing them back and away from their ever increasing kingdoms.

Humanity exploited Dwarves for their cheap labor, and Elves for their magics, and within one thousand years, Humanity had considered itself THE dominant race upon the world, using high-elvin magics freely, without any care for the impact those magics had upon the world, magocracies sprung forth, with each school of magic being represesnted by one all0encomapssing paragon of power. This was the age of the Mage Crowns, the age in which the magicians of the land enjoyed almost divine rule.

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