The World of Kharis

Chapter I: Bad Medicine

After a hard fought travel, the seasoned members of the hearty guardians guild called the Iron Star set forth from Dole to the capital city of Sharistae, Sharien, with some much needed medical supplies, as was noted by the urgent charter put forth from a herbalist’s group working out of one of the western neighborhoods of Sharien. However, upon finishing their job, and returning to check out of their guldhall for the weekend, the party learned quickly that something was amiss. As they walked down the street, they came headlong into a pack of stampeding owlbears, aimed straight for them and whatever else was in their path in the narrow cobblestone road. After dealing with the fur and feather of the beasts, one of the guild’s wizards discovered that the owl bears seemed to come from nowhere, and that magic had been used to push these beasts out into the closed city street, and speculation abounds that possible, the bears were meant to deal with the guild.

Soon, the guild learned that the charter, the holy charter that they had used to gain passage had been forged by a priest, and that the herbalism group had sucessfully used the guild to ‘smuggle’ herbs and potions into the city, a direct violation of the strict monopoly the church of Aaliana has on the sale and procurement of such potions.

Thus, the group must pull their resources, their allies within the city, and of course, must put their differences aside to come together and find out the reason behind this sumggling work, and what could become of their careers, livelihood, even possibly, their lives.

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Each character is created in Kharis with Heroic Stat Lines, as most CRs are also risen to match, or are used in multiples to enhance the battle and cognitive experience of the game.

Also, each character must draw a fate card, and this fate card gives them certain allies and enemies within the city, as well as a strange add-on to their character.


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